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Best Coding Apps for Beginners

Programming skills open doors for various tech careers. And there is never been a better or easier time to learn. coding requires regular practice to become a master. Best Coding Apps for Beginners

But it is not always easy to practice in front of a computer due to lack of time. That’s why coding apps are so helpful, you can at any time anywhere.

In this article, we’ll cover the best coding apps on iOS and Android for those who want to learn programming.

In this article I am going to cover best apps for programming for IOS and and ANDROID,

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Best Coding Apps for Beginners


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The Enki app offers a variety of online coding courses, with Enki, you can study everything about programming, like Python, JavaScript, etc.

Various of the content on Enki app is available for free,

there is a paid version of Enki application and it costs $7.99 a month.


learn programming

CodeHub is an excellent, simple-to-use website website development app available for Android devices.

The CodeHub app has an courses on web development fundamentals, HTML and CS.

Programming Hub

learn coding

Programming Hub may be a slick, attractive coding app that takes an ingenious approach to find out coding and other technical subjects. Each course presents its lessons in a quiet story format and features comprehension quizzes after each section.

Where Programming Hub really stands out, though, is within the breadth of courses offered. you’ll take classes to find out programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Python, C++, Scala, Julia, and more. But you’ll also take courses in subjects like ethical hacking, app development, AI, material design, edge computing, digital marketing, SEO, and tons more.

An added advantage of Programming Hub’s interface is its text to speech functionality. this is often a pleasant touch that creates learning to code accessible to a way larger audience.


how to learn coding with android

Grasshopper may be a JavaScript teaching app designed by a team from Code with Google. The app is totally free and designed for beginners. It features an easy drag and drop style code editor perfect for those new programming. Grasshopper’s lessons are short and maybe completed anywhere. and therefore the interface is user-friendly. Grasshopper teaches programming fundamentals like functions, variables, and methods. It rewards participants with awards and certificates for completing each course.


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Encode may be a JavaScript-based Android coding app, and it’s an incredible tool for beginners. Then Encode app’s interactive interface is straightforward to use, and it provides thorough and in-depth tips and tutorials to assist you out. The Encode tutorial system starts you off with the essential assignments, so it’s always easy to follow along or return for a refresher. The short lessons on Encode are great for information retention and limit frustration if you don’t have enough time to finish a lesson. Encode’s interactive tutorials come complete with feedback to stay you on target throughout the method .


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Mimo may be a coding app designed with multiple learning paths that specialise in what you’d wish to make with real-world projects. it’s an easy and friendly interface, also as small lessons that you simply can combat the go. Mimo gamifies learning with streaks and awards, which encourage you to stay at coding. The app boasts several languages and technologies, including Python, JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, SQL, Swift, Kotlin, C++, SQL, and PHP.

Programming Hero

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The folks behind Programming Hero made it their goal to make a coding app that was both personalized and fun. With the beautifully designed space theme, Programming Hero offers courses in web development currently. But a mobile app development course is within the works. Until then, you’ll use Programming Hero to find out the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and DOM manipulation. Programming Hero is out there on both iOS and Android devices


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SoloLearn may be a coding platform with a series of courses for multiple programming languages. It offers basic and concise tutorials for beginners, including traditional elements like lessons and quizzes. The social platform of the app allows you to harness your competitive spirit and share your results with other users on the platform.

SoloLearn is a superb choice for motivated beginners, or for those that are trying to find something with a more advanced lesson than simply the fundamentals . With SoloLearn, you’ll study almost every relevant technology you’ll consider . Here’s an inventory of a number of the courses offered on the app:

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Swift
  • Java
  • C++
  • PHP
  • Ruby

Khan Academy

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Khan Academy has long been known for its flexible education schemes , and its app is not any exception. While Khan Academy offers courses during a sort of subjects, it also has courses on programming , including JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL. These courses are free and available to everyone through Khan Academy’s iOS and Android apps.

Codecademy Go

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Codecademy Go is that the mobile app version of Codecademy’s popular online coding courses. Codecademy Go doesn’t have quite an equivalent features because the full Codecademy web platform. But it still provides an excellent opportunity to practice coding while you’re faraway from your computer.


best apps for coding

From the manufacturers of LightBot, the SpriteBox app may be a coding adventure game. SpriteBox starts kids out programming with simple icons and works them up to using real Java and Swift syntax. Like LightBot, you’ll need to pay to play SpriteBox. But at a price of only $4.99, it’s an excellent value.


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I’ve added the favored Hopscotch app to the kid’s section, but that doesn’t mean adults can’t enjoy and learn from the app too. Designed for ages 9 and up, the Hopscotch app for iOS the last word coding playground. Users learn programming fundamentals by coding games that are available for everybody to play. Hopscotch also features competitions and participates within the Hour of Code. The Hopscotch app is currently not available for Android users.


Tynker is one among the foremost popular coding apps for teenagers, with over 60 million users. Like Hopscotch, Tynker users learn programming and development skills through coding games, camps, challenges, and other learning activities. Individual plans on Tynker cost either $60 quarterly, $120 annually, or $180 for a lifetime plan. Tynker is additionally well-known for its resources for learning Minecraft. Tynker is currently unavailable to Android users.


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From the same developers as SpriteBox, the LightBot app teaches coding to kids through learning games. LightBot users solve puzzles that teach kids programming logic. The LightBot app is available on both iOS and Android with a one-time cost of $2.99.

From an equivalent developers as SpriteBox, the LightBot app teaches coding to kids through learning games. LightBot users solve puzzles that teach kids programming logic. The LightBot app is out there on both iOS and Android with a one-time cost of $2.99.

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