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Difference Between a Page and a Post

Difference Between a Page and a Post in this article you are going to learn the difference,

To learn a way to duplicate a page in WordPress, you got to recognize the distinction between pages and posts. Joined of the foremost standard blogging platforms worldwide, WordPress has several innovative options for website homeowners. once constructing your website, you’ll be able to guarantee you’ll need many posts and pages.

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What Is a WordPress Page?

Imagine you are visiting your favorite website and looking out for the company’s contact info. you will find the navigation bar at the highest of the positioning,

with a large number of various titles like “Contact” and “About Us”. once clicked, these titles can bring you to specific pages with the content you wish.

This same theory applies to pages on WordPress. they’re static pages that do not have a publication date and provide unchanged content that may be on the market upon the primary click.

Pages are chargeable for housing posts ANd keeping them in an organized assortment for readers to flick through. Pages are brought up as “static” or “timeless” as a result of their info can be visible.

The content you wrote 10 years agone is going to be within the same place these days, as long as you do not edit the page.

difference between post and page

Difference Between a Page and a Post

What Is a WordPress Post?

If you have in hand a diary within the past, you are doubtless alert to what posts are,

as you’ll be able to use them to push content to your website.

they’re generally specifiable by their publication date, which can be visible per post on your blog’s pages.
Instead of being static,

your posts are changing as a result of as you add a lot of content,

past posts get pushed to completely different pages.

Over time, you would have a group of varied pages of diary posts crammed with differing types of content.

What are the variations Between Pages and Posts on WordPress?Knowing what pages and posts are,

let’s get into a lot of technical details that build them completely different from one another.

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Difference Between a Page and a Post


When you produce posts on WordPress, you’ve got a handful of choices for categorizing them. This method will build specific posts a lot of easy for you and your audience to seek out.

You’ll be able to organize posts by exploitation classes and tags, that add AN underlayer of the organization to your website. as an example,

if a reader desires to check each post you have created concerning baking,

they will rummage around for “baking” in your tags.

You can assign specific posts to be displayed on specific pages by class.

as an example, you’ll be able to place your baking posts below “Baking” whereas distribution your favorite room appliances elsewhere.

On the opposite hand, pages do not allow tags or classes. Instead, pages are organized employing a hierarchy, generally brought up as “parent” and “child” pages. With this method, you’ll be able to make sure that connected pages are sorted.

The easiest thanks to seeing a page’s hierarchy is to seem at its uniform resource locator.

parent pages can have URLs like, whereas kid pages seem like

wordpress posts

Difference Between a Page and a Post

Showing Authors

If you own a business wherever many folks contribute content to a website, showing authors is important.

you’ll be wanting to confirm that each author gets credit for the work they’ve created,

which is simple to accomplish with posts.

Every post you transfer to your website will have a distinct author with their name pasted to the particular post.

This method is useful for grant credit and for readers to seek out content from the particular writers they fancy.

you’ll be able to click AN writer’s name on your website’s side and see a listing of content they’ve created.

Unlike posts, pages do not permit you to assign a particular author as a result of the positioning administrator generally styles them.

However, you’ll be able to see the authors of each page and posts on the rear finish. This feature makes it easier to contour website creation and maintenance with multiple directors.

Difference Between a Page and a Post

Displaying RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are helpful for many reasons since they create it easier for readers to check your latest posts.

they’ll show your most up-to-date content with these feeds,

thus readers are invariably up-to-date along with your website.

In the RSS feed, you will not realize pages however instead posts,

which might facilitate an increase in the number of subscribers.

Your readers can invariably recognize once you have denoted new content,

and that they have an honest format for easy sites.

Every time you transfer one thing new, readers will click the RSS feed link. Since this content is often ever-changing, it is not used for displaying new static pages.

difference between page and post


When making pages, you will find you’ve got a touch a lot of artistic freedom than you’d with posts.

Posts have bound options almost like word processors, permitting you to insert and change the text. you’ll even be able to transfer quotes, videos, photos, links, and more.

On the opposite hand, pages are a touch of a lot of open-ended, permitting you to manage the page’s overall look.

web site admins will modification background colors, modify the scale and placement of modules, and more. If you are fascinated by modifying your site’s general layout, information pages may be a lot of artists.

wordpress page and posts


Differentiating between pages and posts on WordPress will build owning and managing a website less complicated. With posts, you’ll be able to push relevant and up-to-date content to your readers, housed on pages.

The key variations between the 2 will assist you to run an up-to-date diary effectively.

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