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How To Crop a Video’s in KineMaster

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It is very easy to crop any video with kinemaster. But, sometimes Beginner’s don’t know to do. So read these article i am going to explain you.

Steps 👣 :

First, you have to make a new project with a 16:9 aspect ratio.
(if you make a video for YouTube▶️ then you have to select 16:9 or for any other platform you can choose the ratio for that platform.)

Note: Most of the beginners make this mistake, they directly tap on media and import the video they want to crop, so don’t do these step.

Just click on media and import any picture, try to get a blank picture.

After importing the picture you have to increase the length of the post according to your video length.

Now you have to click on Layer option and You will see the Media option at the top so tap and select the Media and Import that video that you want to Crop.

Once you have imported the video then trim the unnecessary part of the video

After trimming the unnecessary part,

Now you have to select the video, on right hand side 👉 scroll down the menu you can see the Crop icon

But before these option was not available when we imported video by directly tapping on Media it was not appearing but now it is appearing.

crop videos

Now you can crop the video easily, so after done Cropping, Now can start editing the video.

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