How to install python3 in Termux

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Install Python 3 in Termux

How To Install Python3 in Termux?

Python is a very powerful language you must know if you are in programming field.

If you are a beginner level hacker and you want to improve yourself then you can use python in termux

Or if you already know how to use python and if you’re looking for a way to install python 3 in termux android app then this article for you, because here I’m going to show you the exact step by step process of how you can install Python 3.7 on your termux terminal?

Is it possible to use Python 3 on Termux android?

Yes you can use python3 in termux termux is a very usefull tool for hackers to perform hacking in android.

Steps to Install Python 3 in Termux

Open your temux app and then use some commands,

pkg install python -y 
Now the downloading process of python is started you have to wait for it 

After the downloading process python is installed. To install python3 put the below command

pkg install python2 

After the installation you are able to run python commands

This is the proccess of installing python on termux, so if you want to install python 2 then just use "Python2" on command line, thats set python 2 will started installing...

Bottom Line of Installing Python V3.9 on Termux

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