How To Use Metasploit In Termux

In today’s blog, you are going to learn about Metasploit-framework means how to install Metasploit in Termux and how to use Metasploit.


The Metasploit professional jet was undertaken in 2003 by H.D. Moore to be used as a Perl-based transportable network tool, with help from core developer Matt Miller. it had been absolutely reborn to Ruby by 2007, and therefore the license was noninheritable by Rapid7 in 2009, wherever it remains as a part of the Boston-based company’s.

Portions of those alternative tools reside at intervals in the Metasploit framework, which is constructed into the Kali Linux OS. Rapid7 has conjointly developed 2 proprietary OpenCore tools, Metasploit Pro, Metasploit categorical.

This framework has became the go-to exploit development and mitigation tools. before Metasploit, pen testers had to perform all probes manually by employing a form of tools that will or might not have supported the platform they were testing, and writing their own code, and introducing it onto networks manually. Remote testing was nearly extraordinary, which restricted a security specialist’s reach to the native space and firms defrayment a fortune on in-house IT or security consultants.

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how to use metasploit


Requirements :

1. Android version must be than 5.0

2. Download the Termux Application from PlayStore : ( DOWNLOAD TERMUX )

3. 600 MB Free space in your phone.

Open the termux application and run these commands :

pkg update && pkg upgrade
pkg install git curl wget nmap -y
curl -LO raw.githubusercontent.com/Hax4us/Metasploit_termux/master/metasploit.sh

Please wait this takes some time to download.

chmod 777 metasploit.sh

These commands install Metasploit in termux. This usually takes 20-30 minutes or depending on your internet speed.

After the installation process you have to run the following commands to create a database schema and starting your database server :

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how to use metasploit in termux:

Command 1 :

msdb init

Command 2 :

systemctl start postgresql

After these start your Metasploit by type this command :

metasploit framework

how to use metasploit in termux

You can change this banner by using the following command :


And you can check your connection to the database server by typing the following command :

metasploit db status


Metasploit has lots of documentation inbuilt. You can access this documentation by typing the “help” command to get the basic list of Metasploit commands.

help show
metasploit help

Help show gives you the help section of the show commands. You can then pass additional questions such as :

show exploits
metasploit exploits

It will give you a list of all the exploits available in Metasploit framework.

help search

“help search” gives you the help section for the search command.

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