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Install and use CMATRIX in Termux

In today’s article, you are going to learn about install and use CMATRIX in termux and how to install it in termux. CMATRIX is a script made after the famous movie Matrix, that shows cool lines in the termux terminal “CMATRIX” is available for all OS.

How to install and use cmatrix in termux


Step 1 :

Download Termux from PLAYSTORE

Termux is a Linux-based terminal environment application for the Android system. It works without rooting your Andriod.

Step 2 :

Install Termux and open it

After downloading the termux when you open it will download some packages so wait for a minutes.

Step 3 :

Run the below command to update the termux

apt-get update

Step 4 :

apt-get upgrade -y.

This helps you install the new versions of the packages in termux.

Step 5 :

apt-get install cmatrix -y

This command will install the CMatrix package in Termux Application.

Step 6 :


This command executes cmatrix program in your terminal.

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how to install cmatrix

• Different Types Of Effects In Cmatrix And How To Get It ?

1) Asynchronous scroll :

The asynchronous scroll is a basic effect that is present.

cmatrix -a

2) Bold characters on :

“Bold characters on” will show random words.

cmatrix -b

3) All Bold Characters:

This effect will give have rainfall effect of bold characters.

cmatrix -B

4) Japanese Character’s :

This effect has a real Japanese character effect that is used in the matrix movie but if your phone does not have a Japanese character then it will show some other values

cmatrix -c

5) Old Style Scroll :

This effect gives you a feel of old-style terminal scrolling.

cmatrix -o

6) X Window Mode :

This effect will print upward arrows on your screen and fill it with some signs and with the letter ” L “.

cmatrix -x

7) Speed Control :

By using this argument you can control the speed of all the effects. The speed range is between 0 to 10, the by default speed is 4. You can change the speeds by increasing and decreasing the value in the below command.

cmatrix -u 6

8) Change Color :

You can also change the colors by using this commands.

cmatrix -C red

9) Rainbow Mode :

With this effect, you will be able to see multi-colored texts in a matrix effect.

cmatrix -r

10) Lambda Mode :

In Lambda mode you did not see any alphabets instead you will see signs.

cmatrix -m

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