How To Install Nethunter in Termux while not Root? 100 percent operating

Is it possible to run kali nethunter in termux?

Yes, It is possible and that i will show you ways to install and run it to, you have to follow simple steps to install without rooting your Android phone.


Updated Termux App
good internet (mobile data is ok)
Internal storage

So if you have fulfilled above 👆 requirements then, you are able to run kali net hunter without root.

Steps to put in Nethunter in Termux

Open termux application and run some known commands. 👇

#1. pkg update
#2. pkg upgrade

After that you have to install git hub script by the following command👇

git clone

Now just give the execution permission to the kali net hunter by the following 👇 command

chmod +x kalinethunter

So after giving execution permission it is time to excute the script.


Now you with success put in kali nethunter on termux while not root, therefore to run nethunter simply use this command below.


So we have successfully installed kali Linux. So, enjoy

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