Make a Automatic WhatsApp Message sender

You can make these program in macOS , windows , linux Requirements Python must be installed in your computer or pc, You have to install PYWHATKIT python module, pip install pywhatkit These Module is very useful to automate whatsApp messages. If you want to wish birthday to someone but you are not able to wake up at 12:00 AM then you can use these program Make a file of any name(with .py extension ). I am making a file name as “” In that file paste the below code import pywhatkit phonenumber = input(“Enter the number of the reciver (add +91) : “) hour = int(input(“Enter the hour (in 24hrs format): “)) minute = int(input(“Enter the minute: “)) message = input(“Enter your message: “) try:     pywhatkit.sendwhatmsg(phonenumber, message, hour, minute) except:     print(“check your internet connection”) NOTE – … Continue reading Make a Automatic WhatsApp Message sender