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Setting our PC for C Programing

To do C programming in windows we have to install a IDE and C compiler.

What is IDE and how to Install

An integrated development environment (IDE) is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development.

There are various IDE. But, I am going with VISUAL STUDIO CODE,

this is a user friendly IDE which is powered by MICROSOFT, these IDE has very simple interface which is ideal for beginners.

After downloading the VScode you have to install it.

How to install C-compiler

C compiler help you to compile c programms

MinGW is a c compiler,

After downloading c compiler proceed to install the MinGW compiler, make sure you are connected with internet during installing process

If your Architecture  is 64 bit then select x86_64, otherwise leave as it is.

After that just click on the options NEXT and then click on INSTALL

After that, copy below path

C:\Program Files (x86)\mingw-w64\i686-8.1.0-posix-dwarf-rt_v6-rev0\mingw32\bin

After that, open Enviromental varibles in your windows

After opening enviromental variables click on enviromental variables

After that click on path

After clicking on path, click on new and paste the copied path and click ok

After that make a folder named as C Programming ( you can set any other name for that folder as you want ) anywhere in your pc.

Go in that folder and click right button on mouse and click on open with code

After that you will se these interface

create a file of any name. I have created first.c and don’t forget to add .C extension in file name.

After that, go on extension option as you see below and you have to download 2 extensions code runner and c/c++ intellisense

On the search bar search c/c++ intellisense and insatall it.

After that, install code runner

Now, you are ready to do C Programming in your pc

If you want to watch these whole process in video format watch these👇 video

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