Secret Commands Of Termux App

Termux could be a mini hacking terminal for Android users, WHO are searching for the most effective hacking tool for android? however did you recognize that? there are various commands are unit there that you just didn’t know, and during this explicit article, I’m about to show you high secret commands of termux app that you just never seen before.

Also, I will show you ways to execute them on your termux terminal with none problem? thus to grab that simply keep eye on my article, my main topic lets provide you with little informations

Top cool Termux commands for users

 1. Cmatrix
 2. Search Your put in Packages
 3. Uninstall Packages
 4. Install Packages
 5. Re-Install any Packages
 6. Install w3m
 7. Package Install Fish
 8. Find Location on Termux
 9. Change Termux Directory
 10. How to Copy Files in Termux? 

1. Cmatrix on Termux

Cmatrix could be a fantastic package for Termux, why? your terminal will appear as an Advance hacker terminal, thus if you wish to create your terminal appear as a hacker then you would like to use cmatrix command.

pkg install cmatrix
(First use this command)
(type these and press enter)

2. If you have numerous packages in your termux then you these is For you you can search any package with the help of below 👇 command.

pkg search (enter your package name)

3. If you have installed numerous packages and you wish to delete the packages then you can go with the following👇 command.

pkg uninstall (Put your package name)

4. There are various ways to install packages in termux

pkg install (Your package name here)
Wget (packages name)
apt-get (packages name)
git clone (package git hub link)

5. If any package is not installed properly then you can use the following command to reinstall the command

pkg install (Your package name here)
Wget (packages name)
apt-get (packages name)
git clone (package git hub link)

6. the way to Install w3m on Termux?
w3m is a tool to surf websites in termux

pkg install w3m
w3m (

7. the way to Install Fish in Termux?

Before putting in the fish package on termux, let’s recognize what’s the utilization of fish? essentially fish could be a termux auto-correction package, it facilitate U.S. to place our command properly with none downside, in order that we have a tendency to didn’t have to be compelled to clear our commands once more, thus to put in fish on termux…

pkg install fish
then place "Y" and hit enter
Now simply write "fish" and hit enter

8. the way to realize Location on Termux?

So after you need to seek out your current location of termux then you would like to use a command, thus if you wish to grasp the way to realize your current operating directory then browse this guide:

9. the way to move Termux Directory?

If you want to move your folders or directories then you can go with the command

cd $HOME (This command can move you to your "Home" directory)
cd /sdcard (It can move you to your "memory card" directory)

10. the way to Copy Files in Termux?

If you wish to copy your any termux file from the “Home” directory to “sdcard” directory then you would like to use a command known as “cp” and here i’ll show you ways to use this command?

cp /sdcard/document $HOME

So i hope currently you’ll simply copy any termux document or file from sdcard to extracard, thus if you found something wrong or error whereas victimization commands then request from me within the comment section, or I actually have numerous a lot of advanced termux techniques for you if you’ve got a lot of time then browse them conjointly.

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