Termux cool commands lists 2020

Termux cool commands, In these article we are going to see some termux commads that some of you not heared ever,

lets get started.

In this guide, we have made a list of the best Termux commands for beginners. Without Termux commands, you cannot operate Termux. To operate Termux, you must learn these Termux commands.

Before getting into the Termux command we must know What is Termux and what are uses it?
In simple words, Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app that does not require any root access. That means you can run Termux without rooting your Android device.

With the help of Termux, you can easily install the applications that run on the Linux platform via the APT package manager. Some best tools for Termux are MetasploitTool-XSQLMapXploitSpyWiresharkFsociety, and many more.
There are two package managers available in Termux first is “apt” and another is “pkg” you can install any app that is available for Termux with the help of these package managers. If you are bored with Termux, then you must try some Termux alternatives.

Now let’s see what are the uses of Termux. So Termux can be used for improving security and in Ethical hacking. Through Termux you can easily secure your Wi-Fi or a web application by performing penetration testing and many more things. If you are already an expert in Termux, then here are some best Termux tools for you.
If you don’t have Termux then you can install it from the below links:

1 . Running a Train :

open termux and install a package,

Pkg install sl

After that anywhere type sl,

Then you will see a running train

termux cool commands

2. Burning fire in termux :

pkg install libcaca

After that type sl,

Then you will see a fire.

termux commands list

3. Making a banner of your name :

pkg install toilet

after that type these command,

toilet -f mono12 -F gay "YourName"

then you will see your entered name or text in bold.

4. Matrix effect in Termux :

pkg install cmatrix

After that type cmatrix

how to hack wifi with termux

5. Read quotes in termux :

pkg install fortune -y

After that type fortune

commands of termux lists 2020

6. Installation of root repository

The below command will install the root repository in your Termux. After installing this repository, you can easily install packages that are present in the root repository.

pkg install root-repo

7. Installation of unstable repository

The below command will install the unstable repository in your Termux.  After installing this repository, you can easily install packages that are present in the unstable repository.

pkg install unstable-repo

8. Installation of x11 repository

The below Termux command will install the x-11 repository in your Termux.  After installing this repository, you can easily install packages that are present in the x-11 repository.

pkg install x11-repo

How to install kali linux in termux without root

9. Setup storage for Termux

The above command will allow the Termux to use your sd card storage. Most of the permission denied issues that you face while accessing the sd card will get fixed after typing this command.


If you are still confused about how to configure the Termux properly, then You can see the below video from our

10. Some Important Termux tools and commands:

Here I listed great Termux commands and tools that you would like to install in your Termux. These Termux tools do not come pre-installed with the Termux.

11. Python

Python comes preinstalled on most Linux distributions, But in Termux, you have to install the Python manually. Most of the Termux tools will need Python to run. So Python must be installed in your Termux. 
Here is the termux command to install Python:

pkg install python

12. Wget

Wget is a free GNU command-line utility tool used to download files from the internet. Through the wget tool, you can easily download any files from the internet to your Termux.
Here is the command to install the Wget tool:

pkg install wget


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