Termux top scripts and tools (no root)

If you are looking for the Termux top scripts and tools then this article is for you. In this article, we have created a list of Termux top scripts and tools.

Termux is getting famous among those who are practicing ethical hacking. The best thing about the Termux it is like a terminal based on Linux which provides many features of Linux.

So without having rooting our android we can easily download and run scripts.

Scripts for Termux are used for the automation of the difficult process. And on other hand, scripts are also used for Ethical hacking, Temux Styling, Fun purpose, Penetration testing, etc.

List of Best Termux Scripts:


TBomb is one of the Best Termux scripts for performing pranks with your friend by sending them lots of messages to their number. Call bombing is also available in TBomb script.

TBomb is an Sms Bomber also Call Bomber for the Termux. So please utilize this script for pranks purposes.

This script has a lot of Integrated APIs which send messages continuously. This script also gets updated regularly.

If you want the script then the link Github link is given below.

Download TBomb for Termux


Zphisher is from one of the social media hacking scripts. Zphisher is an updated version of shellphish.

It has a Phishing toolkit, which includes, Instagram login page, a WordPress Login page, a Facebook login page, and much more. Now it has approx 30 login pages which are updating.

Download Zphisher for Termux

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Telegram Scraper

If you want a particular telegram’s members information then you can go with this tool.

Download Telegram Scraper for Termux

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This tool is best for those who want to become a penetration tester this tool has all the scripts that are used for penetration testing.

There are tools available in Hacktronian like Wireless testing, Information gathering, Post exploitation, Sniffing & Fooling, more.

The program is made in python and shell language.

Download Hacktronian from Github

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If you are a hacking geek then definitely you have heard about this tool. Metasploit is one of the best hacking tools for Linux and now also available in Termux.

Metasploit is one of the Best Termux tools that you can download and install easily on Termux.

Download Metasploit from Github

If you think that the installing method on Github is difficult then you can try another easy method of installing Metasploit on your Termux from the below link:

How to download and install Metasploit in Termux

Watch the video on How to install Metasploit in Termux without root (Without Error):

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Impulse is one of the best Termux scripts used for service attacks. This toolkit is coded in Python language, So to run this script you must have python installed in your termux.

There are several things that you can do in this script ex, You can send a number of messages anonymously to a phone number.

Download Impulse for Github

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IP Tracer

If you want to find someone’s IP address then you can go with this tool. This will best for you. This tool uses ip-api module to track IP addresses.

Most part of this tool is made in PHP and rest of part is made in a shell scripting language.

Download IP Tracer for Termux

Tool X

This script is very useful for beginners who are not aware of all the commands of termux.Tool x is a tools installer for Termux. Using Tool X script you can easily install all the tool that is available for termux in just one click

A beginner doesn’t know about most of the tools that are available in Termux. There are various commands to install various tools, For beginners installing all the tools one by one putting commands is a headache.

Tool X made it easier to install Termux tools in one click,

To download the TOOl X follow the link

Download Tool X for Termux


Ni_Bomber is an SMS bomber script used to send a large number of messages number.

This script has SMS APIs that send a large number of messages to a RUSSIAN phone number. This script is made with the help of the python language.

Please note that the script is only working on the Russian phone number. Later, it may work on other country’s phone numbers.

If you are from Russian and want to download this script then you can easily download this Termux script link is given.

Download Ni Bomber for Termux

COVID-19 Tracker CLI

This an also an amazing script that made during COVID-19. This script provides you the real-time COVID-19 cases, this tool shows the information from reliable sources.

Download COVID-19 Tracker CLI for Termux

To download all the scripts git must be installed in your termux. To install the git follow these commands.

pkg install git

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Above I have given Termux the top scripts and tools that I have found ever, if you hack liked this post then share this post with your geek friends.Termux top scripts and tools


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