Hello Guys, Today I am going to tell you the top 10 wifi hacking apps for android.

Wi-Fi is a wireless (Local Area Network), it is one of the important parts of computer networking, it allows the users to connect to the internet and surf the internet technology without the wires,

it allows the routers to be wired less also. The network is connected to an access point for the internet and it is connected to a USB Port.

So let’s get started 📶

Top 10 wifi hacking apps for android lists. :

1. WiFi WPS WPA Tester

The first application is WPS WPA Tester, it is the best wifi hacking application available in PlayStore, this application works on both rooted and non-rooted devices.

This application scan any WiFi network and find out its vulnerabilities, using several algorithms, and many others. This application only works on Android 5.0 versions and above. There are many connection modes with this app and you can try the BruteForce attacks.

You can download the application from here: WPS WPA Tester

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2. Aircrack-ng

To hack wifi the another best application is Aircrack-ng. This can be used to check your network security and found vulnerabilities in other Wi-Fi routers within your local area network this will be the best app for you.

This is only available for rooted devices only. It is not only for android but also available for Linux kernels like Kali Linux, ubuntu, etc.

If you wish to use this in your android phone first you have to install Kali Linux on your android phone, you can use the Userland application for that. For installation Kali Linux is not compulsory that your android phone is root permission but for using aircrack-ng it is compulsory.

How to install kali linux in Android

You can download this application from here: Aircrack-ng


WPS Connect is a free WiFi hacking apps, which allows you to check the security of your WiFi networks. But this app only works on rooted devices.

Apart from this, with the support of a large number of Wifi routers. This WiFi hi-jacking application also allows you to disable the internet connection of other users who are connected with the same wifi. But the purpose of this app is to check the security of the WiFi.

You can download this application from here: WPS Connect

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4. Wi-Fi Password

This is a free Wi-Fi hacking application that always keeps you connected to the internet.

By using this app whenever your device is near any Wi-Fi network, it immediately and automatically connects to that network, but to use this app your device must be 5.0 or above.

You can download this application from here: WiFi Password

5. Zanti

This is also a very good application to perform WiFi hacking. This application not only can hack wifi but also can do MITM (Man In The Middle Attack) attacks. But works in rooted devices.

You can download this application from here: Zanti

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6. WiFi Inspect

this tool has various for ethical hackers, WiFi Inspect helps you to monitor the wi-fi network.

With the help of this tool, you can disable the users who are connected without permission, from this tool you can find it too.

But to use this apk like the above apk your android device must have root permission, then only then you are able able to use it.

You can download this application from here: Wi-Fi Inspect

7. WiFi Kill

Wi-Fi Kill apk is a wifi network-connection hacker is made for android. It is now very easy with this apk to collect information of the active wifi network-connected devices and disable them by performing hacking into them. This application also requires root permission in your android device and it worked perfectly on almost in all android devices.

You can download : WiFi Kill

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8. WiFi Warden

It is also a very cool applications to performing Wi-Fi hacking this wi-fi hacking tool has all the necessary information of the wi-fi network like encryption, security, SSID, Channel Bandwidth, information, BSSID when it analysis a Wi-Fi network.

And the specialty of this app to compare to other apps is that it provides you advanced features without rooting the devices.

Download: WiFi Warden

9. Nmap

Nmap ( Network Mapping) is one of the biggest features of this application in that you can use it on your Android if your android has root permission.

But you have to install Kali Linux on your device then you can install this application on your android device.

If you don’t know how to install kali Linux on your in android phone so you can install it.

You can download : Nmap

10. Fing Network Tools

This application requires root android permission. It allows you to know out in a matter of seconds which gadgets have links to your WiFi network.

This software is simple, rapid, and reliable. A simple interface let you assess the WI-FI protection levels and identify and finally stop attackers can solve network problems.

It’s the best wifi password hacking app.

You can download it from here: Fing Network Tools


Top 10 wi-fi hacking apps for android with the help of this application, we can try to hack wi-fi, it is not compulsory that this application can hack wi-fi there is a big reason you want to watch the below video for more information.

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